Residents’ Meeting district council Bezuidenhout 2024

The number of registrations has reached the limit (the room is full).

Dear resident,

Curious about what’s happening in Bezuidenhout? Join us for the residents’ meeting on May 23rd. We’ll gladly update you on the activities carried out by the Wijkberaad Bezuidenhout and other volunteers over the past year to maintain a pleasant and livable environment in Bezuidenhout. We’re also interested in hearing where further attention is needed. The meeting is Dutch spoken.

Date: Thursday, May 23, 2024
Time: 7.30 pm (entry from 7 pm)
Location: WDC Bezuidenhout, Johannes Camphuysstraat 25, The Hague

If there are any topics you would like to bring attention to, please feel free to email us at

You will find in dutch (after May 16th) the agenda, the 2023 annual report, and the minutes from the previous meeting. An additional update to the annual report will be provided by the working groups. At this page.