Reduce seagull nuisance
Use the free yellow rubbish bags

Reduce seagull nuisance:

  • Do not feed seagulls
  • Do not leave any food residues
  • Offer your food waste in a large GFT container or small GFT bucket
  • Use yellow garbage bags

Get free yellow rubbish bags at:

Why yellow rubbish bags

Yellow rubbish bags are available free of charge for neighbourhoods where rubbish is still collected in bin bags. Seagulls and other animals destroy the ordinary grey rubbish bags, causing litter on the streets. From March to September, seagulls have nests with young and the nuisance caused by broken rubbish bags is especially high.
Yellow rubbish bags are the most effective remedy against gulls. Therefore, you can collect extra firm yellow bags free of charge during this period.

To avoid nuisance, it is wise to tie the bags tightly. And put them at the street only on the day of rubbish collection.

Do not feed gulls

Gulls (and ducks too) do not need extra food. Feeding bread is very unhealthy for these animals, moreover it attracts unwanted species, causes pollution in public spaces, it can also lead to noise pollution and aggressive behaviour of the gull.

Do not dispose food waste

Dispose your food waste in a large GFT container or small GFT bucket. You can request these free of charge from the municipality (

Are you going to renew your roof?

If you are going to renew your flat roof, consider a green roof or a roof without gravel (both not attractive for gulls to nest on).