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Update: the voting has closed. You cannot vote anymore.

This is a translation of the letter which has been sent by the municipality to residents around the large square in the De Sillestraat.

You have probably noticed that the large square in the De Sillestraat is temporarily closed at one side of the square for both cars and bikes. The closing of the street is an experiment to experience what happens with the car free public space and the traffic. You will have the change to vote for the future design of the street. Your choices will be traffic (bikes and cars) on either one or two sides of the green court.

The experiment

The De Sillestraat will be repaved in the coming year similar to the streets and squares in the rest of the neighborhood. The residents around the square have been invited to participate in the design of the street. The conclusion of this meeting was that people wanted more green and more spaces to sit. This led to the proposal to extend the green court.

Nobody knew what would happen when the street would be closed to realize more car-free public space. Therefore, the municipality started an experiment to let the residents experience these changes. The experiment started on May 22nd and will end at the end of July. Residents of the square and connecting streets may vote about the way cars and bikes will drive in the future situation. The option that gets the majority of the votes will be the starting point for the future design of the street.

The experiment was realized using materials that the municipality had available or that can be reused afterwards. It was also realized using the existing measurements of streets and sidewalks. Residents will be involved in the design of the future situation and new materials will be used for the permanent situation. In the new design, the measurements of the streets and sidewalks will be according to the proper regulations. Therefore your vote is only about the way cars and bikes will ride in the future situation and not about the design/materials/size of the experiment.

You can choose between two options:

  1. A larger green court in the middle. Cars and bikes ride one-way on both sides of the court. This is very similar to the situation before the experiment.
  2. A square at one side of the street. The other side is a two-way street for cars and bikes. This is similar to the traffic situation during the experiment.

In both options the same amount of parking spaces will be available.

Voting procedure

You can vote online or by filling in a voting-paper. You already received a voting-paper with a unique code and instructions. Each household has one voting-paper and may only vote once.

Voting is possible between the 26th of June and 14th of July 2017.

You may vote either by clicking the button above this page, handing in the voting-paper at the District office Haagse Hout (Loudonstraat 95) or sending the voting-paper by post to Post office box 12620, 2500 DL Den Haag.

When you vote online, please make sure to enter the unique code on your voting form exactly. Only votes with valid access codes are counted. The last vote counts.

If you have any questions, please send an email to: