‘Pearls’ of Bezuidenhout: 8 June 2024!

Be amazed and go on a journey of discovery in Bezuidenhout on 8 June!

During the 15th edition of ‘Pearls of Bezuidenhout’, no fewer than 48 ‘Pearls’ of Bezuidenhout residents will share their passion, hobby and talent with fellow residents and other interested parties. They do this at home or at a Pearl location.

Connection, inspiration and fun are the ingredients that make ‘Pearls of Bezuidenhout’ such a great event. Come along and let’s make it another wonderful day together!

Festive opening: 10 a.m.

While enjoying a cup of coffee and a piece of Haagse Kakker, Sjaak Bral will open the 15th edition of ‘Pearls of Bezuidenhout’. You are most welcome in the Bezuidenhut! Walk-in from 9.45 am.

Pearl route: 11 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Enjoy one of the most exciting days in Bezuidenhout and map out your route quickly. You can visit the Pearls between 11am and 4.30pm and recognise them by the Pearl flag. Check here for the overview of all the 2024 Pearls (in Dutch).

Please note: Some Pearls have special times because of a live performance or a workshop. An overview of these Pearls can be found here (schedule with times, pearls and locations).

Click here for an overview of all the Pearls 2024. Get inspired by the pictures, check the texts for details and think about who you would like to visit. You can check and download the brochure here. In the brochure you will also find information on which pearls are wheelchair accessible.

Come watch and get to know the neighbourhood in a different way.

The ‘Pareldag’ is a diverse and inspiring walking and cycling route through the neighbourhood where creative and talented residents showcase their hobbies and passions. In their homes and at public locations. For and by the people from Bezuidenhout!

What to expect? Music, art, green fingers, poems, performances, special collections or anything else worth sharing with the neighbourhood.

Come and watch! Mark Saturday, 8 June ’24, in your calendar.

Bezuidenhout is buzzing with talent: join in!

Did you know there are many talented neighbours who make music? Or they paint. We have neighbours with green fingers. Some write poetry. Others make pen drawings. At least one neighbour can blow glass. Some have a special car. Etc etc. The talents, passions, hobbies and professions of the people in Bezuidenhout are much more varied than what is listed here. The ‘Pearl Day’ is for and by young and old, offering enormous diversity.

Do you have any questions about the Pearls of Bezuidenhout? Email us at parels@bezuidenhout.nl.

More about the Pearls

Creative and passionate local residents open their doors. Come along: discover the hobbies, passions, talents and collections of your neighbours and the versatility of our neighbourhood.

What a ‘Pearl’ day looks like

  • The Pearl Day 2024 will take place on Saturday 8 June 2024.
  • From 11am to 4.30pm, you can visit the Pearls. For some Pearls, specific times apply.
  • All the Pearls can be recognised by the Pearl flag at the locations or at the Pearls’ homes.
  • Together, the Pearls form a fun cycling or walking route through Bezuidenhout. You can visit all the Pearls or some of them. You can follow the route from the programme, or make your own route.
  • Questions, comments, or do you want to help with the organisation? Mail us at pearls@bezuidenhout.nl.

Previous editions

Want to know more about the Pearls? Watch videos from previous editions below (courtesy of Stichting Haagse Dingen, among others). Or see who participated last year here.

Pearl team

The ‘Pearls of Bezuidenhout’ is organized by a working group of volunteers. Do you want to help with the organization? Do you have questions or ideas? Would you like to participate as a Pearl? Let us know via parels@bezuidenhout.nl.

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram en Nextdoor: