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The Dutch Language Café

‘The Dutch Language Café’ is something in between a language exchange and a language course.

We play games, have fun, and talk Dutch as much as possible. The events are guided by a few Dutch natives, who are passionate about helping others learning the language. Learn Dutch in a fun, informal way, and meet some new people too!

All levels of Dutch speakers are welcome, even total beginners!

Address: 55 Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg Den Haag, The door is open from 19:15, at 19:30 we start the event. Try to be on time :). And if you want, bring some games!

Are you a Dutch native? Want to contribute? Join the pool of Dutch natives! We make sure there always are a few Dutch at the events. You’ll learn a lot, have fun, help other people, and it looks really good on your CV! Send me a message for more info. Of course, you can also just come and try out the event (it’s really fun) 🙂

More information? There is a closed FB page under the name ‘Dutch Language Café’

All activities at Anna & Co: https://www.annaenco.nl/new-events/.

Taal in bibliotheek en wijkcentrum Haagse Hout

Wilt u de Nederlandse taal oefenen? Kom naar een bijeenkomst van Taal in de bibliotheek in de bibliotheek of in een wijkcentrum in Haagse Hout. De bijeenkomsten zijn iedere week. U krijgt er een kopje koffie of thee bij.

Waar en wanneer
Bibliotheek Haagse Hout, Theresiastraat 195: elke maandag van 11.00 tot 12.30 uur
wijkcentrum Mariahoeve, Ivoorhorst 155: elke vrijdag van 9.30 tot 11.00 uur

Gratis, reserveren is wel nodig.

Meer informatie
Kijk voor meer informatie op de website van Bibliotheek Den Haag.