Earth Day 2016 in Bezuidenhout

Programma Haagse Dag van de Aarde 2016

Friday 22 april, 2016 / Vrijdag 22 april 2016
14:00-15:30 uur: Presentation by Maurits Groen with first feedback by Socrates Schouten

15:30-16:30 uur: Borrel

Saturday 23 april, 2016 / Zaterdag 23 april 2016
11:00-12:00 uur: Workshops
Room/ Zaal 1: Eigen Zeep maken/ Make your own soap
Room/ Zaal 1: Naai Atelier (doorlopend) Sewing Atelier (ongoing)
Room/ Zaal 2: Gemeente Den Haag Municipality of The Hague
Room 4/ Zaal 4: 070 Energiek / Energie Party (Energy Party)
Room 6/ Zaal 6: Kledingruil / Clothing Exchange (Zus ‘teen) tot 12:30 uur
Square / Plein: Repair Kids and Karin Nolman art workshops (ongoing)

13:00-14:00 uur
Room/ Zaal 1: Eigen Zeep maken, session two
Room/ Zaal 1: Naai Atelier (ongoing)
Room / Zaal 2: Operation Steenbreek
Room/ Zaal 4: Den Haag Fossielvrij
Room / Zaal 6: Groene Kerken
Garden / Tuin: Compost Bakkers
Square / Plein: Happy Healthy Creative Paper Making workshop

14:15-15:15 uur
Room / Zaal 1: Naai Atelier (ongoing)
Room/ Zaal 2: Think Big Act Now
Room / Zaal 3: Grote Transitie
Room/ Zaal 4: Energieke wijken
Room / Zaal 6: AVN (Algemene Vereniging voor Natuur bescherming)
Square / Plein: Repair Kids and Karin Nolman art workshops (ongoing)

11:00-12:30 uur: Clothing Exchange / Kleding ruil
room 6 by Zusteen with workshop
Clean out your closet and bring your gently-used clothing to exchange with others! Get something new-to-you and give your clothing a second life through a new owner! Please invite friends! Aanmelden:

12:00-13:00 uur: Biologische lunch
Vegetarian locally-sourced Syrian Lunch made by Tarek Karim and friends.
€ 5 per person
Fairtrade juice, coffee and tea available at the refreshment bar.

11:00-13:00 uur: Art from Scrap Competition (12:45 prizes awarded)
Juried competition of art made from scrap by local schools. Come see what neighborhood children have designed and support them during the competition!

10:00-15:30 uur: Kraampjes en eco-markt

  • 070 Energiek
  • A Rocha Den Haag
  • AVN
  • Bee Box
  • Bert Dekker Improve your home’ / ‘Verbeter je huis’
  • Bob’s shop
  • Busy Beezz
  • Compost Bakkers
  • CTK Locally Made / Handwerkkring
  • Den Haag Fossielvrij
  • Duurzaam Bezuidenhout
  • Duurzaam Den Haag
  • Fairtrade CTK
  • Fairtrade Werkgroep
  • Footprint Challenge
  • Gemeente Den Haag
  • Happy Healthy Creative
  • Repair Kids (located in the square before the church)
  • Seafirst foundation / Merijn Tinga (Plastic Soup Surfer)

15:15-16:00 uur: Network, jazz and drinks 

Location: Christus Triumfatorkerk zalenverhuurcentrum
Juliana van Stolberglaan 154, Den Haag, Bezuidenhout
Trams 2 or 6 (direction Leidschendaam Noord) from The Hague Central Station. Tram stop Oost Inje.