Household Rules

1 General

The Stichting Wijkberaad Bezuidenhout (neighbourhood council), henceforth known as the landlord, declares that

  1. in principle, the Bezuidenhut is reserved for the working groups of the landlord;
  1. these working groups set their activity calendar in the month of November at the latest;
  1. when the Bezuidenhut is not reserved for the working groups, it is available for rent in accordance with the contract and regulations laid down in the terms and conditions;
  1. no activities of a political nature are permitted unless explicit and written permission has been obtained from the landlord.

2 Terms and conditions of rental

The tenant declares that he/she is aware of the terms and conditions below and will comply with them.

  1. The tenant will look after the Bezuidenhut and its compound diligently (as intended by law).
  • A reservation is only confirmed after the rental contract has been signed and the deposit and rent has been received. This amount must be received 14 days prior to the rental date.
  • The tenant may not sub-let the Bezuidenhut to third parties.
  • The tenant may not make the Bezuidenhut available for use by third parties.
  1. The landlord retains the right to cancel the rental contract with immediate effect if any activity other than the one stated takes place.
  • The tenant has no rights to compensation.
  • The tenant has no rights to reimbursement of the deposit or the rent.
  1. Should the tenant cancel the rental contract less than one week prior to the agreed date, he/she must pay 25 Euros compensation.
  1. The Bezuidenhut is rented from an agreed time, as stated in the contract, for three hours unless otherwise agreed. The Bezuidenhut must be left empty and clean after the three hours. Should the Bezuidenhut not be left clean, the tenant will be charged a cleaning fee of 25 Euros. This charge will be deducted from the deposit. All the spaces used and the terrace must be left clean after use.
  1. Rubbish and waste may not be left behind, either in bags or in the rubbish bins.
  1. The landlord may not be held liable in any way for any of the tenant’s items that go missing. The tenant is responsible at all times for the property and the contents during the entire duration of use.
  1. It is not permitted to attach anything to the inside or outside walls, windows, doors or ceilings of the Bezuidenhut. The tenant will be charged for the repairs of any damage caused by non-compliance.
  2. Use of streamers, confetti, open fire and fireworks is not permitted under any circumstances.
  1. Damaged, broken or missing crockery and cutlery will always be charged to the tenant.

3 Drinks

  1. All soft drinks, fruit juices, tea, coffee and other consumables that are made available in the Bezuidenhut must be purchased from the Bezuidenhut unless otherwise agreed.
  2. These items will be charged at the given unit prices set by the landlord. The prices may be slightly adjusted periodically and without notice.
  3. It is not permitted to serve alcoholic drinks in the Bezuidenhut or Spaarwaterveld.
  4. Immediately after use of the Bezuidenhut, the tenant must provide the landlord with a list of items used and the key of the Bezuidenhut.

To this end, the tenant:

  • uses the special form for this purpose;
  • dates this form;
  • signs this form, stating his/her name clearly.
  1. The landlord will check the list of used items and will send the tenant a receipt for the rent and drinks. This amount will be deducted from the deposit.

4 Surroundings and safety

  1. Safety regulations decree that up to 30 people may be in the Bezuidenhut at any given point.
  2. The tenant will make sure that all exterior doors are unlocked during use of the Bezuidenhut. These exits must be kept clear of obstacles at all times.
  3. The Bezuidenhut is located in a residential area. We highly appreciate maintaining the good will of our neighbours and request the tenant to take the neighbours into account. The tenant is requested to limit any disturbance (inside and outside the building).
  4. Smoking and drug use is banned in the Bezuidenhut and in its immediate surroundings. The tenant is personally responsible and liable for enforcing this ban.
  5. The municipality forbids the parking of cars, trailers and other vehicles on the Spaarwaterveld.

6 Checks

1. The landlord will check that the household regulations are being upheld. The landlord’s representatives may do random checks at any point in time. Should there be any reason to do so, they are authorised to prematurely terminate the use of the premises without any legal implications for the landlord.

  1. The representative of the landlord is required to follow all the instructions of the landlord during the time that the tenant is on the Bezuidenhut premises or inside the Bezuidenhut.
  1. Violations, damage and non-compliance with these household regulations will be reported to the manager of the premises who is authorised to levy sanctions or compensation.
  1. Barbecues and open fires are strictly forbidden on the terrace and on the field.

7 Finances

  1. The deposit and the agreed user’s fee must be transferred 14 days in advance to bank account number NL16 INGB 0000 26 20 20 under the name of STG Wijkberaad Bezuidenhout, Den Haag, stating the name of the tenant and the period of use. Should the deposit and fee not be in the bank account prior to the start time, the rights to the use of the premises will be revoked. In this case, the tenant is still liable to pay the agreed charges.
  1. At the end of the period of use, the part of the deposit that is not used for the fees or costs incurred, will be returned to the tenant’s bank account, subject to any additional costs as assessed by the landlord. These are related to the state in which the buildings, premises or related are left after use.
  1. The landlord cannot be held liable should the tenant incur costs in the case that he/she is not able to use the agreed facilities through no fault of his/her own. The deposit will be returned after deducting any costs made.