CB&I winner of the autumn Beabeach Beach Volleyball competition

Today was the final day of the autumn beach volleyball competition at Beabeach. And it ended up with a rightfull winner: CB&I (Chicago Bridge and Iron: www.cbi.com). The team participated many times but never succeeded to win the tournament so far. But this competition it played perfect and never lost a set. One week ago they even beat three times winner KPN in straight sets, although it was a tough game.  In the final another team of KPN, Pirates, could not keep the CB&I team from their ambitions.

In the game for rank 3 and 4 KPN beat AFC 2 (one of the teams of the Dutch Tax Service (Belastingdienst). So they ended up third of the competion.

Two days earlier the other team of the Tax Service (AFC1) beat the City of The Hague, which means that they ended up place 5 and 6.

The other games for ranks 7-10 where unfortunatelly due to absense of too many players not played.

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