The new competition 2016 at BeaBeach is coming!

This week, VV Haaglanden will start up the organization of the new beach volleybal competition 2016 for companies in and around The Beatrixkwartier District. The companies that were approached last year will be contacted before May 9th by mail with an invitation to participate . Any company or business team that is willing to take part can also contact us via Costs of participation will approximately be €50 per team. Every team plays at least 4 matches, probably more. The games will take place on weekdays from 17.30 to 19.30. This is depending on the number of entries. Last year, almost all games were played on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In the tournament we play four against four (with at least one female player) and the team that wins two sets is the winner. The first two sets are going to 21, the third set to 15. There needs to be at least two points difference to end a set. The competition will probably start around the end of May/beginning of June and last until the first week of July.

Furthermore, we will organize training courses for companies and individuals. Let us know if you are interested ( We provide trainers, music and material and together we provide fun!


De finalisten met hun bekers: CB&I (grijs) en Nationale Nederlanden (blauw)
De finalisten met hun bekers: CB&I (grijs) en Nationale Nederlanden (blauw)

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